For Conscious Entrepreneurs:
How to Walk Your Marketing Path With Confidence and Clarity AND Pick Up More Clients Along The Way


It can seem like there's so much to do. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, networking, websites, public speaking, free workshops, direct mailing, newsletters: these are all paths to take in marketing.

But it can feel like you're lost in a jungle. Often it's confusing because there are so many possible paths and it can be hard to know which one to choose.  That can mean bouncing randomly from one thing to another. Or following the route that everyone else has taken - whether it's the right one for you or not.

The result can be exhaustion, overwhelm, frustration, and wondering why  - in spite of all your best efforts - clients aren't choosing you.

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I've been lost in the jungle too. Literally.

I was on a rickety old bus traveling through the jungles of Guatemala and it broke down in the middle of the night on a dirt road miles from anywhere. 

When I heard that ominous clunk in the engine and the bus ground to a halt and the silence of the night-time jungle enveloped us, I was scared that we'd never get out of there alive. My imagination conjured up horrific images of dangerous animals roaring out of the dense surroundings and eating us up.

But after the initial panic, I knew that our trusty bus-driver would eventually get us back to civilization.

I trusted him because those buses broke down all the time. And although we were clueless, he knew from experience how to get us back on the right track to our destination.

What has this to do with you and your marketing?

Drum roll...Enter Your Guide

With a knowledgeable guide on your marketing and branding quest, you can relax and know that you have help finding your way out of the marketing jungle.

Here's the key:

Underneath all the technology, the fundamental principles of marketing and branding remain the same. Tools and technology are simply the means for you to implement what works best for your business.

When we work together, I guide you step-by-step through discovering those fundamental principles that create the foundation for all your marketing while you stay true to your spiritual approach.

"It's always an inside job!"

In a comprehensive, from-the-ground-up exploration of your marketing, I take you on a journey of discovery that helps you connect deeply with your business.

  • WHO are you in your business and how does your business reflect you and what's important to you?
  • WHAT do people need to know in order to believe you can help them, so they're motivated to hire you?
  • WHY would they want to work with you and no one else?
  • WHEN and WHERE do you present your business so you have a plan to make sure you're not wasting time talking to the right people about the wrong things at the wrong time? Or not talking to the right people at all.

When you connect deeply with your business, from the inside out, it's easier to develop a brand along with simple marketing strategies and a marketing plan that helps you connect deeply with your ideal clients.

And it's easier for them to recognize that they want and need you.

The foundational pieces above help you to:

  • No longer feel lost in the marketing and branding jungle. You're no longer in uncharted territory. Now you have a map and you can walk YOUR route with clarity and confidence. You can build relationships with the right people, who see you as a solution-provider, not more white noise.

  • Stay away from costly mistakes that can happen when you're talking to the wrong people.  Or you're talking to the right people but saying the wrong things. 

  • Steer clear of the pitfalls of following the crowd "because everyone is doing it." It may of may not be right for you.

The result: your ideal clients understand that you have what they want and they're willing to pay for it!

But...left to your own devices, you may continue to wander around aimlessly.

Why not take that first step in getting on the right path in your quest?

Robin Sharma There is great power in starting. Dream big. Start Small. Begin now from Flickr via Wylio

You've nothing to lose. Stop going it alone!

Would you like to know what's possible for you so that your ideal clients understand why they need you? 

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The success of your marketing efforts hinges on how well you communicate with your audience. All the tools and techniques in the world won't work for you if you can't tell them clearly why they will benefit from working with you and no one else.

But it's easy to buy into myths that sabotage your message simply because lots of people tell you they're right.

In this 7-part email training, you'll learn:

The ONE thing that most of us do that drives people away.

How to decide what your prospects need to know.

How often to change your message.

And many more tips that'll help you create a message that grabs the attention of your ideal clients.

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