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Unlimited Coaching For A
Ridiculously Low Fee.

Get Support Right When You Need It

With a coach at your back, you can make things happen with more confidence, clarity and consistency AND give yourself the best chance of achieving what you want.

But hiring a great coach can cost a lot! And I understand very well that cash can often be tight, especially in our current situation. Or, you're hesitant to jump into an ongoing relationship because you're nervous about the commitment. I can relate to that as well.

That doesn't mean you don't need support!

So I decided to try out a new approach that makes coaching more accessible to a small group of business owners to help support you through these times of upheaval.

Here's what it looks like.

For a fixed, budget-friendly fee, you get an unlimited number of 15-minute sessions with me between now and January 10, 2021. That's many weeks of support that's available to you. You schedule when you need it. And YOU decide what to use the time for. 

Here are just some ideas of things you could work on

You may have other ideas.

  • Deal with a current challenge that's keeping you awake at night
  • Brainstorm ideas for a new project
  • Finish up end-of-the-year projects
  • Achieve a specific goal or ramp up momentum towards a goal
  • Define your ideal client so your marketing is targeted to the right people
  • Establish why clients should choose YOU
  • Create or refine a marketing plan for 2021
  • Generate more leads
  • Turn more leads into paying clients
  • Create content for your company
  • Deal with distractions, when your creative mind is all over the place
  • Make the best use of your time
  • Handle self-sabotaging thoughts that might be stopping you in your tracks

Or any other marketing or mindset issues you feel you need support with. 


All for a one-time fee of $199.00 
(payable in advance)

Small focused actions can lead to big results

This is a different form of coaching because it's very focused and very fast. You'll be amazed at what's possible in just 15 minutes!

Once you're completed the actions step(s) from a session, you can book your next session. And you can do this over and over and over often as you want until January 10 2021. That's when the program ends. 

Are you ready to end the year solidly and
start 2021 with confidence, clarity, resilience and
an amped-up chance of success?


If yes, go here to contact me and let me know you're interested. I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. 

I'm opening up a maximum of 10 slots for this offer and when they're gone, they're gone. This is not a marketing ploy, it's simply to do with my scheduling and availability!

And of course, if you have questions, please ask.

I look forward to hearing from you.

What clients are saying about Maggie Dennison

25 years later..

I have been in my profession for over 25 years and still had difficulty clearly communicating what I do, on my website and at networking events.  

Maggie, with fresh eyes, opened my mind to how others perceive my work and  how to speak and write about it in an authentic direct way.

She makes marketing fun!

Dr. Geri Greenberg, DC LAc
Acupuncturist and Chiropractor
Sherman Oaks, California

I was feeling lost and ignorant..

...about how to run or market a business, when I met Maggie. I have systematically gotten better through her wisdom, guidance, emotional intelligence and coaching. She has a gentle touch with a crisp tongue, and I believe it's the perfect formula for balancing the much needed nurturing touch with the discipline to keep you accountable and moving forward. She is a great fit for anyone who wants to establish or reestablish their foundation and use it to springboard towards their dreams.

Shae McNamara
Retired dual professional athlete
Peak Performance and Mindset Coach
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

I was tired working with clients I didn't want to work with...

Maggie helped me focus on the clients I really wanted and that has made all the difference. Now I have so much more passion about my work.

Maggie didn't just tell me what to do, she listened to me and then told me what I already knew at some level. She taught me how to help myself by patiently learning who I really was and then teaching me how to create the reality that would best serve that person.

If you are looking for someone to teach you how to help yourself, Maggie is the real deal. Not only does she totally know what she is doing, she is willing to teach you what she knows so that you can do it yourself. She is conscious and awake to the reality of you and your business. Maggie doesn't BS around - - she gets to the point - - and when she does, you know that she is right. The end product is simple, clear, exactly what I would have wanted if I knew how to do it. A powerful tool in my marketing strategy. Maggie's business is business - that is what she does.

Richard "Rick" Dolwig
Mediator and Arbitrator
Santa Barbara, California

I was stuck in procrastination

If you're looking for a coach, look no further than Maggie Dennison. Maggie is knowledgeable, competent, wise and affordable. When I came up against a scary writing project that overwhelmed me, I got stuck in procrastination. I called Maggie and in a very short time she guided me successfully through it, and gave me some great marketing ideas as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Maggie. Give her a call!

Patricia DiOrio
Practical Spirituality
Santa Barbara, California

A resource for anyone looking for marketing strategies that work

I had the pleasure of meeting Maggie Dennison at a local Holistic Chamber of Commerce Chapter meeting. I found Maggie to be both personable  and very knowledgeable. I scheduled a session with Maggie and was very impressed by her insight into multi media marketing possibilities and opportunities. It was a real eye opener for me as she helped to clarify and demystify the simple and best steps to take on the path to marketing my Personal Chef Business. I am grateful for all that Maggie gave in my work with her and I would heartily recommend her as a resource for anyone looking for marketing strategies that work. 

Maureen Cox
Personal Chef Mo
“Eat your way healthy”
Woodland Hills, California, USA 

I would trust her with any marketing and copywriting job...

Maggie produced great copy for my website. More importantly, she was instrumental in helping me clarify both my target market and my message. She has been thorough and professional from the first time we met. I would trust her with any marketing and copywriting job, and I will certainly be using her services again in the future..

Dave Mochel
Business Consultant
CEO Applied Attention
Carpinteria, California, USA




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