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Tuesday, June 06 2017

Getting advice and support doesn't have to be expensive.

If working individually with a professional is too much for your budget, there are plenty of groups around. Sure, you don't get the same level of individual attention but there's a lot to be said for tapping into the wisdom of a group.

The upside of a group of peers: you get advice, insights and feedback.

The downside of a group of peers: you get advice, insights and feedback.

The difference lies in the caliber, knowledge and experience of the participants.

A group of peers who're all early on in business, may not yet have the understanding of business and marketing principles to give input that makes sense. Often the input will be based on opinions ("what I like" or "what I think might work") rather than any solid or proven business reasons.

A group of peers with more knowledge of what works, based on the experience of running a business, because they've been there and tried it out, can give you practical input grounded in reality.

It's not that it's wrong to have great ideas when you're starting out and to try them out. It's more often a case of: "Do you have the filter to evaluate whether those ideas make sense or not on a business level?" If not, you can waste a lot of time, energy and money doing things that don't work, simply because a peer said they thought it was a good idea.

if you're still early on in business, a facilitated group may be a better way to go. This will cost a small amount of money, but in the end it will be money well spent because the opinions of your peers are balanced by the reality that the experienced facilitator brings. And the facilitator helps filter and evaluate the opinions that are presented.

If you're interested in being part of a facilitated group, I can help. Get in touch and let's talk about what's possible. Go here to contact me.

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