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Wednesday, August 15 2018

A swipe file is a file where you keep marketing materials you've 'swiped' from someone. And before you ask: no, that doesn't mean stealing.

The purpose of your swipe file is to keep examples of materials that worked for you because they connected with you and engaged you.

Then you can use your 'swiped' material to figure out what caught your attention and why, and how someone achieved the effect that pulled you in. And those insights will help you when you're creating your own materials.

A swipe file can be online or offline. Online can include items like website copy that made you want to take action; a promotion for a webinar that you signed up for; a page that enticed you to download a free ebook or video; a social media post that caught your attention; or an email that you found particularly effective.

An offline swipe file can contain brochures, catalogues, postcards or other printed marketing materials. Even the junk mail that lands in your mailbox daily. You may not be interested in what they're offering, but that missive was probably written by a professional and can be useful.

All this does not mean that you copy someone else's material. Absolutely not! That would be violating copyright laws. You're simply collecting examples that worked for you and keeping them as reference material.

And of course, if it seems like too much time, effort and energy to figure it out, you can contact a professional such as myself and I will apply the same techniques that helped get your attention, to writing or editing your materials.

Email me at or call me at 805 965 9173 and let's talk.

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Tuesday, August 07 2018

This week and last painters have been at work in my apartment complex. They're sanding the windows and doors, scraping the walls and power-washing the whole building in preparation for repainting.

It's noisy, dusty and distracting.

I knew I couldn't do my writing work during the hours I'm at my best because I need quiet surroundings to concentrate. But I found a way to rearrange my writing schedule so that I'm still getting my projects done.

Then I started to play a game with myself. I asked myself these questions:

  • How would I describe the sounds the painters are making?
  • And the smells?
  • What ideas best capture how they treated myself and the other tenants (which by the way has been highly professional)?
  • How would I talk about how they interacted with each other?
  • What words best describe how the other tenants responded to the disruption?
  • What does their equipment look like? During the day while they're working? And at night when they stack everything at the back of the building?

What could have been a huge annoyance became (at least for part of the time) a way for me to exercise my word muscle beyond what I would normally do. It was a learning opportunity that pulled me in a direction I would otherwise have ignored.

Are there unusual or unexpected situations in your daily life where you could get new perspectives on your area of expertise even if they don't seem obviously connected to your business? How would you describe them? And how would you talk about them to other people?

And of course, you can always contact me if you'd like feedback on your words.

Email me at or call me at 805 965 9173 and let's talk.

Copyright 2018 Maggie Dennison

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