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Make your existing materials stronger, more engaging and more persuasive
Have you thought of having a professional cast an eye over your materials, punch them up (or tone them down as the case may be!) and give them that final flair and professional polish?

That's what editing offers.
I know you may already be a great writer. But an objective eye can pick up gaps, confusing turns of phrase, unnecessary length, typos, and little inaccuracies that chip away at your credibility. 

The problem is, it's really difficult to see these issues in your own writing because you're so close to it.

Another set of eyes can catch what you missed.

Or clarify questions that pop up in your reader's mind, questions you haven't answered, because they're so commonplace to you it's easy to assume that everyone knows the answers already.

I take what you have and make it stronger by refining the words where necessary, making it concise, succinct, and easy to read and understand.

Your material becomes more engaging and persuasive so that your attraction level goes up. 

I know it's tempting to hire an intern or college student or your brother-in-law who majored in English to edit and clean up your words, but do they understand marketing?

I bring my experience as a copywriter and my knowledge of the psychology of marketing to every project so that your words become more persuasive and engaging

Past projects include website copy, articles, sales pages and, most recently, a 20,000 word ebook.

I've also cleaned up narratives for submission to attorneys -- about a dispute over a family trust! 

Contact me to find out more about how I can help you project a highly professional image by making sure your words are polished to reflect your brilliance. 

Anything from simple proof-reading to light editing to improve clarity, flow and readability to substantial editing and restructuring.

Call me at (805) 965 9173 and get answers to your questions.

or... email me to get started today!
What clients are saying about Maggie...

"Maggie was instrumental in...

helping me structure my power point presentation so that it is compelling, visually appealing, and doesn't compete with my verbal message as I speak. Instead, it complements and reinforces the information that I want to convey. I couldn't have done this on my own. I needed to have an experienced professional assist me which I found in Maggie. I have since given my presentation to many groups, including presentations at 2 international conferences. I have received excellent responses and feedback. I highly recommend Maggie to assist you in developing, organizing, and marketing your work. "

Beth Meyer-Frank, RNP, JD,

"Maggie is a magic-maker!

"She took my ill-formed ideas about website copy, read my somewhat complicated materials, and then wrote copy that sings my song. She did such a good job conveying my message that one friend told me it sounds just like me! Maggie said the things that needed to be said, but I couldn't figure out how to say them. I felt heard and honored throughout the process of working with her. "

Cynthia King, Ph.D

Author and Trainer

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Maggie Dennison, M.A

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